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Life under the diamond air of the North

New Release: Scatter my Ashes

Remembering Mabel Brewster, an amazing lady as wild and true as Canada’s wilderness.

Release time: December 10th, 2019

Elisabeth Weigand

With Northern Manuscripts Elisabeth Weigand recounts her adventures in Canada’s True North.
Yukon River canoeing, remote cabin life and horse trips in the Yukon await you in her spellbinding memoirs.

Born and raised in Germany, she started travelling the world at an early age.
During these visits to many parts of this globe, she discovered Canada and decided in 1993 to make this wonderful country her future home.

Elisabeth moved right into the Yukon, the most north-western territory Canada’s.
She lives on a rural acreage with her horses and dog, only minutes away from the mighty Yukon River.


 New Release: October 2023

When We Walked on Frozen Rivers


Frozen Rivers takes people to one of the purest places in Canada’s northern landscape: A distant fly-in trapline where Weigand and her partner spend the first of their winters understanding and exercising traditional life skills, adjusting to nature’s regulations and discovering the bliss of shared seclusion and the satisfaction when less is more. Her writing is evocative and poetic, humorous and informative, held together with atmospheric descriptions of the untamed heart of the Yukon Territory. A land that is bigger than us.

A story full of exotic adventure, love and relations ship, perseverence and survival lessons, steeped in desrciptions of natue that are are evocative and poetic.

Frozen Rivers is another spellbinding memoir in Elisabeth Weigand’s YukonWild Series. In our times of pain and suffering, this series brings to the reader something beautifully positive. A life when lived with purpose and virtue can be long enough. Each chapter is steeped in the author’s love of wilderness, her desire for adventure and her familiar intimacy with the land. Weigand orients the reader to the merits of slowing down the pace of life and reflecting on the significance of the smallest of our decisions.

Yukon Facts


Yukon is the smallest and westernmost of Canada’s three federal territories, with a population of 40,369 people (2019) and its capital Whitehorse lovingly called “The Wilderness City”.

At 5,959 m (19,551 ft), Yukon’s Mount Logan, in Kluane National Park and Reserve, is the highest mountain in Canada and the second-highest on the North American continent. Most of the Yukon has a subarctic climate, characterized by long cold winters and brief warm summers. The Arctic Ocean coast has a tundra climate.

Notable rivers include the Yukon River, as well as the Pelly, Stewart, Peel, White, and Tatshenshini rivers.

Adventures in Canada's True North

Yukon Map



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Frozen Rivers
Mukluks in snow